What We Do

"For over 20 years we have been busy working on an eclectic mix of music productions, projects ranging from Hollywood films to pop records, TV shows, and even a circus!" (some of our clients : Channel 4, Netflix, HBO, Paramount Pictures, Bjork, Brian Eno, BBC, ITV, Sony, British Airways and National Geographic). View All Clients

"It's not just me" says KK, "our crack team of London’s finest collaborators, musicians, studios, sound engineers and other behind the scenes geniuses, mean we can consistently deliver music of the finest calibre for our listeners and fellow creators."

So whether you're a film maker, a TV producer, or simply a fan of great music we can provide or produce an unique authentic soundtrack to add real value, depth and colour to your story.

In addition to original music composition, we offer a range of music services - from music licensing, record production, mixing, music tuition, and live engagements.

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