Frequently asked questions are answered here...

  • How can I contact you?
    You can get in touch here to send me a message :)
  • Where can I stream, buy or download your music?
    You can stream KK's music from most platforms. MP3 downloads and some CDs are also available, click releases to choose a release and links appear on the right :)
  • I'm a filmmaker, can I see a showreel of your work?
    If you are a film maker or media producer and would like to see a showreel, get in touch here
  • I'd like to use one of your tracks I've heard, is this possible?
    Licensing one of our music tracks is usually a quick and easy process.

    For licensing enquires please contact us and let us know:

    1. your contact info
    2. the name of the track
    3. how/where you'd like to use the music
  • Can I hire you to compose original music for my project?
    I'd love to hear more about the project to see if I can help.

    Get in touch and tell me more! :)
  • What do your services cost?
    Get in touch and tell us a little more about your project, as production budgets vary depending on the type of service, the amount of work / time involved, and sometimes other factors such as music rights.

    Please contact us and tell us about your project and we'll get back to you with a quote and availability.
  • Can I hear some examples of music?
    Sure you can hear my music in a number of ways .. :)

    1. To hear music examples right here on this site, click Music Search and search our music right here by mood.

    2. On Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube etc just search 'Kevin Kerrigan' (or click Releases)

    3. If you are a media producer and would like to hear a showreel of Kevin's work contact us
  • Can I sample your music?
    Yes I'm happy for fellow music producers to sample my work (in fact it's an honour!)

    To do this go here - https://www.tracklib.com/artist/kevin-kerrigan/

    From this site you can get a low cost license and files (including stems) to use for sampling / in your productions.

    PS send us your finished tracks, would love to hear them!


  • Who else have you worked with?
    Over the years I've worked on a wide range of projects, from commercial records, to TV shows, advertising and feature films.

    Here are some examples of past clients and collaborators :

    [TV] Channel 4, BBC, E4, Dave (UKTV), Discovery, History Channel, ITV, TLC
    [FILM] Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate Films, National Geographic
    [POP] Bjork, Britney Spears, Dido, Will Young, Santana, Natalie Imbruglia, Sting
    [LABELS] Sony Music, EMI, Universal, Warner Brothers, RAK, Mercury Records
    [ADS] British Airways, B&Q, M&S, Land Rover, Chivas, Jonnie Walker, DNB
    [PRODUCERS] Brian Eno, James Newton Howard, Nellee Hooper, Cathy Dennis
  • Why don't I just use generic library music for my production?
    A bespoke original music soundtrack written especially for your production will always make your message 100% more focused and effective than using any pre-existing music (such as pop music or library music), as it will exactly embody your film's message, story, and brand identity - plus (in terms of sustaining an audience's attention) the soundtrack will match the image and story of your film precisely - making it flow and easy, exciting and pleasurable to watch... engaging your audience.

    It's also a common criticism that people hear the same library tracks everywhere - productions using it can come across as cheap, unoriginal and amateur. With original composed music tailored to, and adding value to, your unique message, story and values, your production will be of a higher quality, and tell your story that much more effectively.

    Contact us if you would like bespoke music written for your production.
  • What does a music producer do?
    A music producer does a number of things relating to the production of music.

    Once a piece of music has been composed, it also needs recording, performing, arranging, mixing.. and these various activities add up to a recording, or record.

    As an experienced production team, KK and his talented team have worked on numerous productions (from albums to feature films) and therefore we can 'produce' to a very high standard in our cutting edge London recording studio for a wide variety of contexts. Mostly we work on music which Kevin has composed, but sometimes we'll 'produce' outside work - ie music which has been written by another musician, but needs recording, producing, or mixing, to make it ready for commercial use.

    For information on our production services, click Services or contact us.

    For music artists and bands, engaging an outside music producer to collaborate with can be extremely beneficial, for a large number of reasons. Read KK's blog post on the subject HERE