Sleep Sound

Download, stream or preview Kevin Kerrigan / KK Sleep Sound album. High quality white noise sounds for sleeping



Insomnia? Can't sleep? Noisy neighbours or partner? The sounds of rain, fans, oceans and high quality white noise carefully recorded and crafted into the ultimate sleep sound album.

SLEEP SOUND was created on a round the world adventure by composer and music artist KK (aka Kevin Kerrigan), who has previously worked with Bjork and Brian Eno.

One night when suffering from insomnia (noisy neighbours), KK set about recording a wash of relaxing sounds of nature (waterfalls, ocean etc), as well as fans, hairdryers etc.. treating the sounds in his studio to create the perfect relaxing wash of white noise for sleep.

7 years (and about 30 countries) later, we have SLEEP SOUND.

Sleep Sound features 3 tracks - AIR , RAIN, WAVE - each a high quality soporific wave of sound which will send you to sleep

sleep sound album

Best enjoyed with noise cancelling headphones :)


Composed and performed by Kevin Kerrigan (aka KK )



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