The Moonlit Castle - solo piano album

THE MOONLIT CASTLE is a new album for solo piano by composer Kevin Kerrigan



Night time falls. The shimmering light of the moon in a starless sky illuminates a lonely castle. Reflective memories leaving through old photographs. A piano plays, and our minds and hearts fill with the sadness and beauty of life and death..

'The Moonlit Castle' is the fifth album from instrumental artist Kevin Kerrigan (aka KK), who has previously scored many soundtracks, and worked with the likes of Bjork, Brian Eno and James Newton Howard.

A work for solo piano, it is perhaps his most intimate work to date. A reflective personal piece on life, death, and beauty - an improvisation which he composed and performed in one dark night of the soul.

Here's an interview with KK about The Moonlit Castle and his lifelong love affair with the piano -

The Moonlit Castle Kevin Kerrigan

THE MOONLIT CASTLE is now available for streaming and download on Spotify, Apple Music and others..  Check out our SHOP for links