Solasta - a light in the darkness

SOLASTA (meaning luminous light) is the 4th album from KK (excluding collaborations and film soundtracks)



SOLASTA (meaning “luminous light”) is the 4th album from KK (excluding collaborations and film soundtracks). His unique style is hard to pin down – instrumental and cinematic, in many ways it’s designed to capture the listener’s own imagination, allowing them to escape into their own personal dreamworld.

SOLASTA is classical in style, but nostalgia isn’t his point. “This music is about looking forward, not back”, explains KK, “I tried to capture a spirit of positivity using the emotional language of classical music.. As this was about expressing something genuine and heartfelt. So much music these days is over-processed, calculated, cold even.”

“Although I love modern music technology, I’ve recently rediscovered the power of the orchestra..”[from scoring numerous film and TV soundtracks, including work with Hollywood’s James Newton Howard] .. “and having found myself exposed to such beautiful, vibrant colours, I really wanted to paint a window of light and beauty, to counter these rather bleak, dark times. The world is a beautiful place, and even when it isn’t, with music we have a wonderful landscape of emotions and memories we can escape into.”


Unlike typical soundtrack albums, Solasta remains in one mood, with ten tracks (or ‘scenes’ if you like) which don’t jump abruptly in volume or tone. Essentially it’s an album for listening to, in it’s own right, as opposed to a soundtrack designed for one specific film. A soundtrack for the mind and soul.

Unsurprisingly the guest musicians involved are world class, with the likes of LSO’s brilliant young virtuoso violinist Julian Gil Rodriguez, and otherworldly diva Esther Dee (of Mediaeval Baebes) amongst the soloists. “I’m so fortunate to know such gifted musicians, they really bring this record to life!”

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