Chiaroscuro - new KK album 2019

CHIAROSCURO is the new album by composer Kevin Kerrigan



'Chiaroscuro' is the sixth album from instrumental artist Kevin Kerrigan (aka KK), who has previously scored many soundtracks, and worked with the likes of Bjork, Brian Eno and James Newton Howard.

A combination of nostalgic and whimsical orchestral works, intimate solo piano and modern electronic music,  the album is a beautiful journey through time and space,  featuring soloists such as Julien Gil Rodriguez and regulars The Steampunk Orchestra.   

KK expains the concept behind the music,  "Chairoscuro is a particular style of Italian painting,  which uses high contrast between light and shade for a dramatic and beautiful effect.  I wanted to try and apply this technique to music,  and explore the emotional range of going from very intimate solo sounds to large expansive strings and electronics.  Out of these experiments came these pieces.."

Kevin Kerrigan composer KK

CHIAROSCURO is now available for streaming and download on Spotify, Apple Music and others..  Check out our SHOP for links,  or just attempt to say it to Alexa!