Behind The Scenes : Orchestra Recording Session

Some 'behind the scenes' photos of the team in action at a recent orchestral recording session for an exciting EMI project



Some candid snapshots of a recent orchestral recording session for an exciting new music production project for EMI.


The calm before the storm..

Orchestra Music Stands Hall


All set up and ready to go..

Music Stands Orchestra


And they're off!..

Tom Tom Studio Orchestra Budapest


Recording the strings..

Recording String Section Orchestra


Next up the woodwinds..

Woodwind section orchestra


Here's whats happening up in the control room..


Kevin Kerrigan recording studio control room

Recording studio control room


Recording Engineer Pro Tools


Now let's get out the big guns..  Brass o clock.

Brass section orchestra


Epic!   Fun fact: Brass players used to play cards on their breaks.  Now they do this...

Brass Players break



(special thanks to Team TomTom, Team EMI,  James Headley & Adam Saunders)